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~ The Journey ~

40x40 cm acrylic painting on canvas
*Available for purchase, contact us for details

    A symbolic representation of the personal development process and spiritual ascension, from a shamanic perspective, where the levels of consciousness are associated with the four power animals: the snake, the puma, the condor and the humming bird.

      The Snake - the healer archetype; at this level takes place the encounter with the ego and the snake is teaching us the healing process using it’s own example. Just as the snake sheds its skin and gets rid of it, so we learn to get rid of the egocentric thinking, characterized by the identification and egoic fascination.

     Puma - The archetypal connection with the vital force of the jungle; a level of consciousness which points the understanding of the everyday life and of the relationships we have. In this phase man is trying to understand and to harmonize his relations with others; Just like the puma doesn’t have enemies, so the human tends to become conscious of the necessity and benefits of improving the quality of relationships in their personal journey.


   The Condor - the archetypal connection with the Spirit, the Being; Symbolizes the viewing from a great perspective, the vision of clarity and beauty, and teaches us how to see life and how to approach it through the eyes of the heart. At this level, the human lives the experience of unity with the Source, an experience of unconditional love, peace, wisdom, light.

     The Humming Bird - the archetype of the ancestral wisdom; This bird drinks straight from the Nectar of Life and shows us The Path. Using its own example, it provides us a model on how to handle and enjoy our own journey. It has extraordinary characteristics, it flaps its wings 70 times per second and 200 times when flies fast, being the only bird that can fly back and forth, sideways and even upside down. Although we would not have thought it was created to fly like that, to make extreme travels, it is the one who proposes and makes the impossible journey (migrating from Central America to the North, managing to cross the Golf of Mexico without resting). This archetype describes the level of consciousness where the impossible becomes possible, where the extraordinary becomes ordinary.

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