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~ Magic Tree ~

20x20 cm acrylic painting on canvas

   Right in the center there is a magic little tree, telling us stories about love and peace. Its branches have the shape of a heart and a butterfly, symbolically suggesting to glorify the life we live!

    Also the other four colorful petals have a particular story to tell. They whisper about harmony and well-being.


   The humming bird - the archetype of the ancestral wisdom. This bird drinks straight from the Nectar of Life and shows us The Path. It has extraordinary characteristics, it flaps its wings 70 times per second and 200 times when flies fast, being the only bird that can fly back and forth, sideways and even upside down. Although we would not have thought it was created to fly like that, to make extreme travels, it is the one who proposes and makes the impossible journey (migrating from Central America to the North, managing to cross the Golf of Mexico without resting). This archetype describes the level of consciousness where the impossible becomes possible, where the extraordinary becomes ordinary.

    The harmony rocks are associated with the concept of equilibrium, bliss and inner peace. They show us the right way of creating and evolving, with patience and love.

    The hammock reminds us about the necessity and importance of resting. Even if we are not always fully aware of the value that this moments of restfulness have in our lives, in fact they are the key for efficiency, productivity and absolute realization.

    DreamcatcherIt is said that this symbol of the Unity "catches any trouble and suffering that floats in the air, same as the spider web catches anything comes in contact with it". The Dreamcatcher was used by the native americans in their sacred rituals; nowadays has a general meaning of protection.

     Like every mandala made with love, also this one can be used as a tool for accessing a magic realm of bliss and harmony.



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