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~ El Molino de Vacaciones ~

     A circular representation, almost hallucinogenic, which describes the ideal of summer vacations, using a harmonious jointing of colors and exotic landscapes, inspired from the beautiful island of Spain, Mallorca.


     The center of mandala shows the traditional force of the island: the windmill. Although nowadays the windmills have lost their original function, they are having an important patrimonial value, being the witnesses of the economic, social and cultural past. Therefore, this mandala reunite the past and the present, with a playful conjunction of colors that bring us in a holiday atmosphere, relaxation, peace, ease and connection to the nature. ”El molino de vacaciones” is a portal to freedom of thought, that allows for a virtual teleportation to Paradise.

30x30 cm acrylic painting on canvas
*Available for purchase, contact us for details
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