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~ Flowers of Life ~

30x90 cm acrylic painting on canvas
Available for purchase,
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    This trio of colorful mandalas represents the process of Creation and Evolution. The Seed of Life, the Flower of Life and the Fruit of Life are considered evolutionary stages or building blocks of what we call reality. This forms have deep spiritual meaning for those who have studied sacred geometry.

     In the left, on a goldish background, there is the Seed of Life, a symbol full of implications and meanings. It contains seven overlapping circles shaped as a beautiful flower. During time, different interpretations were made for this ancient rosette. It was used for spiritual protection and associated with a flower, the Sun, "Mother of Geometry", Union of Opposites (Vesica Piscis), the 7 days of Creation (Bible), the Chakras, the Planets, musical notes and so on. The painting catches some of this aspects in great details.

     In the center of the painting stays the well-known Flower of Life. This geometrical shape was found in manuscripts, temples and art around the world, in different locations, the oldest in Egypt, others in China, Israel, Japan, India, Turkey, Italy, Spain. This harmonious shape contains ancient religious values and it is believed to embody all the information of living things, a code of life for all sentient beings. This mandala has at the center the Kabbalah Tree of Life derived from the Flower of Life, all surrounded by the platonic solids, colored in harmony as the elements of Earth.

   The mandala in the right is a beautiful representation of The Fruit of Life. Adding more circles to the pattern of the Flower of Life will rise a shape composed of 13 circles: The Fruit of Life, considered to be the blueprint of the Universe. It is the basic design for every atom, molecule structure, life form and everything in existence. In numerology, 13 is considered to be a key for unity and a portal between dimensions. In music, the 13'th note is a repetition of the first note, but on a higher frequency. Attaining a higher octave is the analogy for entering a higher dimension. From this perspective, every sphere represents a principle that can be applied in everyday life. In this painting each of them has different colors and meanings: truth, love of self, love of others, beauty, knowledge, wisdom, wellness, wholeness, abundance, technology, empowerment, transformation and freedom. Using them all together as one guiding system in our daily life, gets us into the experience of a shift into a higher level of consciousness.

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