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111,00 Lei

Manifest in shape and color, in a mandala, the inner content that was previously formless!

It helps you to:

  • Discover parts of yourself that you weren't aware of before

  • Notice your evolution/changes over time, like seeing a photo album/a graphic of your inner states

  • Get a broader vision and clarity in conflicts, misunderstandings, emotional turmoil, decision making, choosing the right action 

  • Relax, explore your creativity, express yourself freely!

Order your Mandala Journal by writing us a message in Contact section, or write us an e-mail at!



     An easy and efficient way to access your inner world and understand yourself better!

     Drawing mandalas has proven to be a useful technique to reveal the contents of the psyche, those parts that require awareness, clarity, understanding. It is an easy-to-use, creative and relaxing self-knowledge tool!

     ”The simple process of drawing a mandala is therapeutic by itself! First of all, It requires the deliberate decision to re-orient your attention from the outside to the inside world, having the intention to explore your own universe...”

     More about ”Mandala as a therapeutic tool in self-knowledge, healing and personal growth!”


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