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~ Buddhist Mandala ~

25x25 cm acrylic painting on canvas

      This handwork was made as a gift and it served its purpose. 

   Mandalas are considered sacred art in Buddhism, representing the essence of the Universe. 

   The outlying circle of this Mandala is like a ring of fire with burning flames. This symbolizes the burning of human ignorance, a transformational outgrowth that allows us to enter the sacred space within Mandala, represented by a square with four gates. The diamonds in the second circle are for indestructibility and the thunders for illumination. The next circle invokes the eight aspects of human consciousness that hold us in Samsara, the cycle of rebirth. The lotus leaves from the innermost circle symbolizes a spiritual renewal, a religious rebirth, side by side with the entrance into the “sacred palace”. Inside this divine territory stays the temple of deities and the essence of Buddha. The gates usually signify unlimited values in Buddhism: loving-kindness, sympathy, compassion and equanimity. The center of Mandala represents the center of the Universe and it’s illustrated by the well-known Flower of Life.

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