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~ Principles of Universe ~

40x40 cm acrylic painting on canvas

    On a background of duality (black and white), there are 12 joyful Principles of the Universe, according to which life unfolds day by day on this Earth. Their Knowledge and Understanding give us the opportunity to experience the life from a conscious, natural state, where we become the co-creators of our own reality, participating in an actively and consciously way to the Divine Work.

      The Principle of the Whole - Everything is interconnected, all of our actions, thoughts, words, our beliefs have an influence on others and on the Universe. Understanding this principle leads to the elimination of separation in the way we approach reality and relate to others.

      The Principle of Kharma - Nothing is accidental or out of the Universal Laws, it shows the Law of Cause and Effect. When we become aware of the action and reaction principle, we choose the way of full acceptance and assumption; We will continue to live responsibly, being aware of what is showed and manifested around. 


    The Principle of Wisdom -This principle consists in the ability of discerning which is the difference between things that can be changed in life and things that can not be changed. Once understood, everything that is left to do is to accept things where we can not intervene, and in the same time to have the courage to act on what we can improve.

      The Principle of Love - The pure and unconditional love has the power to heal the Kharma and, at the same time, when we experience it, reminds us of our Divine nature. Being aware of the power of this creative energy, we tend to open our heart and keep us in resonance with it. Love unconditionally!

      The Principle of Harmony – Everything is structured in the apparent chaos. This principle urges us continuously to keep the Divine order both inside and outside us.

      The Principle of Abundance - Abundance is a state in which we can materialize wealth on all levels. Getting to live fully aware and plenary this state, we will have the experience of Heaven on Earth.


      The Principle of Attraction - Everything works with us every moment and will be permanently attracted to us through resonance. Knowing this, we will be more careful about what we want in life.


     The Principle of Evolution – The Universe is in a continuous movement and this movement will always take a direction. This principle requires us to be aware of this dynamics and always to direct towards evolution.


       The Principle of Materialization - The ability of materialization is our Divine right and therefore we become the co-creators of the reality we live in. In this way we are consciously participating in the Divine Work.


       The Principle of Dharma – It refers to the spiritual purpose of everyone in this life. When we get to reveal our true nature and to reach a certain level of understanding Life on Earth, we can live conscious and fulfill our Dharma, being aware of it.


     The Principle of Infinite Possibilities – Everything is possible, but not also permitted! Understanding this potential, but also its boundaries, all is left to do is to always use wisely that which is permitted for us.

      The Principle of Creation – Everything manifests itself in Being. Recognizing our real, essential nature, we have the divine right

and the opportunity to manifest ourselves as the Creator, being in full communion with the Source.

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