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~ Dream List ~

50 cm acrylic painting on canvas
 *Available for purchase,
Contact us for details

     Meet Summer! The fancy-free ant invites you to follow her in the journey of FULFILLING THE DREAMS, a must-do for everyone in a lifetime! Summer is the protagonist of this cosmic mandala and she is captured in 12 circumstances, where each one is a representation of a passionate dream. How all this happened? Well... she realized that life in the colony is not mandatory and there is place and time for everything we desire on this Earth. That’s a huge understanding of life for a little ant :) So she took a break. A well deserved one! Check out her journey and see what happened!

     This painting was inspired by Michael Franti & Spearhead’s song, “Summertime is in our hands”. Franti said: “It's a joyful song about celebrating the lives of people that we care about the most, and creating memories in summertime that will last forever (...)”

     You see that she's got a dream list and she's going through this incredible soul journey in Bali and checking off all the things on the dream list.


”Fly with the wind in your hair”

”Cleanse your soul”

”Take the road less traveled”

”Find the light”

”Dance every day”

”Have a beer with a stranger”

”Trust your heart”

”Look fear in the eye”

”Embrace crazy”

”Swim like a mermaid”

”Share a secret - Heal”

”Feel your heart explode”

”When you feel the Sun, I am here!”


     Watching this mandala will give you the inspiration to create your own summertime memories!


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