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20 cm diam acrylic painting on canvas

A beautiful mandala created from the heart for a wonderful soul that began its journey on this Earth on March 17, 1989.

According to numerology, her destiny number is 2 (calculated from the date of birth). She has a big, beautiful and peaceful heart and tends to create harmonious relationships in life.

That is why this Mandala has a structure created from 12 petals, which is associated with the Anahata heart chakra. They represent the divine qualities of the heart: bliss, peace, harmony, love, understanding, empathy, clarity, purity, unity, compassion, gentleness and forgiveness.

The butterfly in the center of the mandala is also associated with the number 2, because of its two wings that create a whole in harmony and balance. They suggest the idea of friendship and teamwork.

The butterfly is also a symbol of Rebirth, Transcendence and Ascension, because it goes through a powerful transformation, from a caterpillar to a free being, able to fly everywhere according to its will and without limits. The landscapes that appear in the petals of the mandala also suggest the boundless vastness of the possibilities of exploration and travel.

The 6 symbols in the petals:


At the top is the Celtic symbol of HAPPINESS and FULFILLMENT, of JOY FOR LIFE. Then, in a clockwise direction, appears the Angel Wings - symbol for DIVINE PROTECTION and SUPPORT, followed by the symbol of LOYALTY from the Adinkra system, and (at the bottom of the mandala) the symbol of LOVE, illustrated by a heart shape. Next appears the spiral as a symbol of EVOLUTION and conscious growth, and in the upper left part of the mandala appears the symbol of PEACE, a well-known representation of FRIENDSHIP and community.


The shades of blue in the mandala are associated with the zodiac sign Pisces, a water sign, very intuitive and connected with cosmic energy. The universe and the stars in the mandala also refer to this sensitive and creative side of Pisces. 


This mandala is a symbol of friendship, joy and celebration of life. It's a reminder to stop and enjoy the moment, like a clock without hands that invites us to live the magic of the present moment with the people we love!

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