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~ Trio - Archetypal Mandalas ~

Trio of archetypal mandalas, each representing separate qualities: ​




30x30 cm acrylic painting on canvas


     A vibrant mandala with an imposing presence, representing the masculine energy in action

     Its shapes and symbols capture the warrior side of the Soul. It refers to will, courage, action, manifestation of intentions, power, determination.​

     Like the 10-petalled Manipura chakra, this mandala is related to the energy of fire and corresponds to the influence of the Sun. The sun, a Yang symbol that emanates light and warmth, has a strong creative force and is related to clarity, will, dynamism, expansion.​

    For a warrior of Light, the swords and shield in the center of the mandala are the weapons of truth, integrity, and upright struggle. The symbols next to it refer to Athena, the Goddess of War and Wisdom in Greek mythology, who held the Secret of Light.​

     A red flower blossoms and on each petal strong symbols can be seen.​

     The owl represents the wisdom, the quality to discern, to have the courage to change and at the same time to accept what cannot be changed.​

     The sword and the ax are the tools for action and protection.​

     The next symbol is called Rama, found in the Reiki system, which brings balance and grounding.​

     Then appears the sign of Magec, the god of the Sun and Light in the legends of Mount Teide in Tenerife.​

     On the fifth petal is a square, a shape created from straight lines and angles, associated in sacred geometry with masculine energy.​

     On the lower petal of the mandala appears the symbol of the Warrior of Light, "the one who appreciates the miracle of being alive, the one who accepts failure and the one whose mission leads him to become the person he wants to be" (Paulo Coelho).​

     The rudder is a symbol for the principle of Dharma and refers to the spiritual purpose in this life, to conscious action, in harmony with the dynamics of the Universe.​

     Then follows Cho-Ku-Rei from Reiki, a symbol with a great energy of power and protection.​

     The eye reminds about consciousness and presence, correct actions, diligence.​

The tenth symbol, Gold, often used in alchemy, contains in its essence the energy of the Sun represented by the circle with a dot in the middle. Gold as energy represents the Yang, solar, proactive side of wealth that is obtained through hard work (curved lines), but it is also obtained when it is deserved (sharp line).​

     The Warrior Mandala includes all these elements and symbols of power from different cultures, theories and perspectives and describes the yang side in action, a vibrant and explosive force.​


     A dynamic representation of the sensitive side, the feminine energy, the elegance. Decorated with refined details, white flowers and pink petals, curved lines and shapes that allow energy to move in a harmonious flow, this mandala inspires freedom, flourishing and love.​

    In the center is the Seed of Life, a symbol associated with the Creation, being also a symbol of blessing and protection. This female presence is surrounded by white flowers, like white poppies, and she runs free and somehow wild in the garden of the soul.​

    The outer petals of the mandala seem to rotate counterclockwise, which suggests according to sacred geometry, an energetic flow of divine femininity. This energy is related to emotions and feelings, compared to the masculine energy that is more oriented on thought and action. ​

    This mandala has sixteen petals, such as the Vishuddha lotus flower, the 5th chakra, that of free communication and expression.​

    All these qualities describe a free spirit, lively and graceful, like the song of a harp in the wind.



     This mandala illustrates the wise side, which is not only the knowledge but also a transcendental connection, that part linked with the Universe, a guide from ancient times of conscious ascension and evolution.​

   The owl remains in the sacred space in the center of the mandala, as a representation of wisdom and knowledge. The owl also refers to the dispersion of ignorance and the development of virtues such as patience, temperance, diligence.​

     Wisdom, in addition to the intellectual side, includes at the same time the quality of having discernment, clarity, fair judgment, courage and openness for change as well as to accept what cannot be changed.​

    The Lotus flower is associated with rebirth, purity and spiritual connection.​

    The violet color is similar to the crown chakra, Sahasrara, the seventh energy center, which represents our connection with divinity. It is connected to the state of pure consciousness and Oneness. At this level, intuition is accessed, the actions are no longer ego-centric, but oriented on a supreme goal, on a spiritual mission, on alignment with the Whole.​

    The mandala is decorated with jewelry and crystals, symbols of wealth and virtues, "ornaments of wisdom."

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