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Mandala of Love and Presence

50 cm diameter
acrylic painting on canvas

It has 12 main petals, like the heart chakra, Anahata, therefore the mandala emanates the energy of Love. In its center, an eye appears on the background, a symbol of the Presence, that I AM, HERE and NOW!

Its structure reminds of a compass, having the angles oriented towards the cardinal points. Its purpose is therefore to orient, to guide the viewer to find his way when he feels lost; the path that the mandala presents is the Path of the Heart, the connection to the Center.

In the center of the mandala appears an image loaded with symbols. The tree represents the fulfilled, complete human being, where its deepest and most rooted aspects are brought to light and connected with its ultimate self.

The spiral refers to the idea of ​​conscious evolution, from darkness (roots) to light (the branches of the tree forming a heart), thus to Love.

The Eagle or the Condor symbolizes the complete vision, the big picture, the clarity you get when you rise above the "mental labyrinth". He gives an extraordinary power of visualization, above all perspectives, and teaches us to see life and relate to it through the eyes of the heart.

The eye in the background is a representation of the Presence, the witness. It refers to the idea of ​​inner clarity and clarity of the present moment.

Musical notes refer to the idea of ​​circular progression such as moving up an octave—the last note in an octave is a repeat of the first note, but at a higher frequency.

All these symbols found in the image in the center of the mandala are meant to remind us of the Divine within us, of the potential we have. The image of the whole, healthy tree is a message for the soul to remember, to recognize the state of fulfillment, that state to which the soul tends to return. The mandala guides the viewer to center and to find himself in the central image.

On the 12 petals surrounding the center of the mandala appear symbols of Power and Protection.

Four main symbols emerge from the Reiki healing system - Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen and Dai Ko Myo. They connect with physical healing (Cho Ku Rei – symbol of Power), soul healing (Sei He Ki), transporting light and information instantaneously over distance and time (Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen) and connecting to the source of Light (Dai Ko Myo – master symbol).

Mandala brings into the life of the one who views it - self Love and couple Love through the symbols AT MATA, HARTH and OSRAM NE NSOROMMA.

AT MATA is the symbol of "self-reinvention" focused on spirit and change for the better.

The HARTH symbol simply fills the places where it is applied with light and love. It connects to dimensions of light, to the healing energies of the Divine Feminine, so the purest energies and vibrations.

The OSRAM NE NSOROMMA symbol is a symbol of Love and Harmony from Adinkra wisdom. It reflects the harmony that exists in the bond between a man and a woman.

The ANGEL WINGS symbol helps with self-confidence due to its ability to balance the superego with the self.

A symbol of Abundance, GOLD contains in its essence the energy of the Sun, represented by the circle with a dot in the middle. It represents the proactive energy of wealth that is earned through hard work (curved lines), but also earned when you deserve it (sharp line).

The SPIRAL is a symbol of Evolution. It presents evolution in a circular way, as if we always return to the same situations, but always with a broader perspective.

The ANTAHKARANA YIN symbol has an important role in emotional and Karmic healing.

The puppy's paw is a symbol that appears in the mandala to bring the energy of Joy, by remembering and honoring a soul connection with a four-legged partner.

The leaves with which the mandala is decorated are symbols that remind us of the connection with Nature.

The four mandalas in the corners of the painting also contain elements from nature - the spiral, leaves, feathers.


The mandala has the energy of Capricorn, a sign associated with the element Earth. The colors used are also earthy. A person born under the sign of Capricorn is believed to have the ability to navigate both worlds - both material and emotional reality.

The mandala, when viewed, offers the opportunity to center yourself, to connect with the Self, creating a suitable space for introspection and connection with the inner world.

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