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Master Manadala ~ Integrity

50 cm diameter
acrylic painting on canvas

It takes a rare and accurate combination of numbers for them to sum exactly 33. And this mandala expresses this very special energy of the Master number in numerology - 33!

From a numerological perspective, the person born on such a date of birth is considered to have a very special path in life due to the high vibration of the destiny number he has. Master number 33 is the most influential in numerology and has a strong, deep, spiritual vibration. The energy of the number 33 combines the qualities of the Master numbers 11 and 22 and brings their potential to another level. It has the intuition and vision specific to 11, but he also has the ability to manifest these understandings in the material world (22).

In the same way, the destiny number 33 has the qualities of the number 3 - creative and communicative and of the 6, care and love for the family.

The tree in the center of the mandala refers to this concept of family and connection, where each element is part of a whole. The tree symbolizes Health - the connection to the roots and the sky, Harmony - the balance between roots and branches and Prosperity - the abundance of the fruits it enjoys and shares with the world.

The spiral at the base of the tree represents the concept of Evolution and Ascension, and the Eye formed by branches symbolizes Intuition and Wisdom.


From the center of the mandala the Seed of Life gracefully takes shape, a symbol that is considered to have the wisdom of growth, development and creation.

This mandala has a 12-petal structure and a green hue, such as the Heart Chakra, Anahata. Therefore the mandala has a loving, altruistic and compassionate energy; aimed at others, to inspire them, to give them a source of hope, healing, presence and optimism.

The mandala has a playful harmony between 6 petals each with a symbol of Protection and Power, and 6 petals decorated in a lace, each with a wish for the soul.

  • ​The ANGELWINGS symbol that appears at the top of the mandala has the ability to connect and balance the superego with the self and to connect with the energies of the spiritual guides

  • The symbol of AMPLIFYING PROTECTION increases the action of the chakras, thus providing protection against energy attacks and helping in making important decisions

  • The ANTAHKARANA YANG symbol is a variant of the Antahkarana (symbol of protection and healing) with shorter and thicker arms; It has a strong vitalizing role, inducing a state of energization by amplifying the biofields, especially those corresponding to the lower chakras (the first three) and ensures the optimal balance of Yin and Yang energies in the body

  • The DAI KOKO MI symbol at the bottom of the mandala is considered a variant of the DAI KO MYO Master symbol in the Reiki healing system and serves to cleanse and energize each of the chakras - the seven curved lines symbolize the seven chakras. It represents the supreme source of light, unconditional love, the place where we get our energy from

  • The CHER symbol is a symbol of protection that creates around the body four high-vibration energy fields. It protects against energy attacks. It also helps to enhance creative ability and inspiration

  • APA, represented by two overlapping triangles, "in each other", symbolizes love, emotions, feelings. It is useful for maintaining balance even in the middle of change. It is a symbol of protection and healing of emotional problems

The petals decorated with a kind of lace each contain a wish for the soul of the person to whom this mandala is dedicated. Several symbols appear in each petal: the flower symbolizes Health, the butterfly illustrates Harmony in life and in the family, the tree describes Prosperity, the eye appears to represent Wisdom, the heart is the path of Intuition and the spiral illustrates the concept of Evolution.


The Master Mandala can also be called The Integrity Mandala. It has the beneficial energy of several virtues that blend harmoniously to create a beautiful, powerful and inspiring whole!

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