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~ Mandala of a Free Spirit ~

A vibrant mandala, fiery but also balanced, with symbols of power and protection.

Created for a person born at the end of March. Its colors remind us of the fiery energy of Aries, a passionate and innovative zodiac sign in his actions and attitude towards life. Its structure has 10 main petals, such as the petals of the Solar Plexus chakra, called also the Fire Chakra or Manipura - that corresponds to the influence of the Sun.

Numerologically the mandala is associated with the energy of the number 8, a number that by its shape denotes the idea of Infinity and Equilibrium.

The center of the mandala represents this balance between the energies of life, with the Yin-Yang symbol that visually illustrates the harmony between the forces of the Universe. 

The mandala is adorned with symbols of Power and Protection:

The ANGELWINGS symbol that appears at the top of the mandala provides the ability to come into contact with the energies of spiritual guides and obtain valuable information from them.

50 cm diameter
acrylic painting on canvas

The symbol of APA, represented by two overlapping triangles, "in each other", symbolizes love, emotions, feelings and maintaining balance even in the middle of change. It is a symbol of protection and healing of emotional problems.

CHO KU REI and SE HEI KI are basic symbols in the Reiki Healing system. The first is a symbol of Power, which "brings power here," and the second has as its main function Healing on an emotional and mental level.

There is also a symbol of AMPLIFYING PROTECTION useful in taking important decisions and amplifying the action of the chakras, providing additional protection against energy attacks.

Other symbols: the mountain - symbol of power clarity & vision, the sea - symbol of liberty & eternal love, the butterfly for the idea of Transcendence, the heart as a symbol of Love - the best protection is Love, and the flower as a symbol of the feminine side, of Grace.

There are also shapes of flying Birds, a symbol of the Freedom of the Spirit and the feathers as a symbol of evolution and ascension on a higher plane. In some cultures, feathers also symbolize communication with the Spirit.

This mandala radiates the fiery energy of the Aries zodiac sign and the energy associated with the number 8 in numerology. It is a mandala of Power and Freedom of the Spirit. Due to its powerful symbols, this mandala also has a Protective function.

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