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~ Mandala of a Winner ~

Decorated with symbols of power and protection, this mandala has the energy of Victory, of Fulfillment. 


This mandala is associated with the energy of the number 4, a masculine, grounded energy. Thus, the center of the mandala represents the geometry of the number 4, the square and the cube - basic geometric shape, one of the 5 Platonic solids in sacred geometry. 


The cube is a solid and robust shape, denoting strength and stability, aspects that describe the personality associated with the energy of number 4. 

The cube can also be a symbol for a virtuous human being, who has freed himself from vices. From an esoteric perspective it symbolizes the balanced man at all 4 levels - the physical body, the energetic, the emotional and the mental. 


The background color - blue-turquoise - along with the mosaic of colored grays, makes us think of the shades of water of a river or a sea. 


The mandala is adorned with symbols of power. At the base is ADINKRAHENE, a symbol of greatness, mastery, charisma and leadership. 


Such a person, a winner, also needs a connection with the Divinity, an idea represented by the AMARA symbol at the top of the mandala. A central symbol of the Amara Omni Healing system, it helps to become aware of one's Divine nature and grounding.  

50 cm diameter
acrylic painting on canvas

The ANGELWINGS symbol provides the ability to balance the superego with the self and helps us to get in contact with the energies of the spiritual guides. 


Another symbol of power and protection, the APA, symbolizes the idea of maintaining balance even in the midst of change. 


Another powerful symbol appears with a very important role in AMPLIFYING Divine PROTECTION. It helps in decision making and it increases the action of the chakras by providing protection against energy attacks. 


There are also another symbols from the Reiki healing system: CHO-KU-REI - symbol of power, ZONAR - symbol of infinity and eternity and HALU - global protection at all levels. 


Geometric peaks appear in the decoration of the mandala, like pyramids, symbolizing the opening to the Divinity. 


The structure of the mandala is like an abstract sun, decorated with symbols related to Freedom, Love, Clarity, Ascension, Abundance and Balance. The sun itself is a symbol of Light and Wisdom. 


This mandala is like a totem, a symbol of a Winner. 


It brings beneficial energy in the space in which it is placed, and each time it is viewed, it helps to connect with the strong and protective energies that are illustrated through its sacred geometry, its symbols, shapes and colors. 

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