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~ Mandala of Virtues ~

40x40 cm acrylic painting on canvas
*Available for purchase,
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   A great process of spiritual ascension represented in a mandala painting.

     This artwork is enriched with valuable information regarding the inner transformation that every human being passes through, when starts to become more aware, at a certain moment in life.

    The message can be revealed by the symbols that describe the inner work and change in the evolutionary process. This happens when the embodied ordinary consciousness starts to become aware of itself and its true nature. In other words, man starts to wake up from the hypnotic state of the identification with his Ego. This personal “me” is the identity that everyone has, an ego characterized by identification and fascination.

     In the painting this egos appear as colorful flowers shining in the darkness of the night – in the outlying circle of mandala. They represent the ordinary state of consciousness (a.k.a. Eikasia in philosophy - Plato , Kali Yuga in Hinduism). At this level the ego is hidden and we are fully identified with it. There is a lot of resistance, justification, projection and a mass hypnosis.

    Then, a shift in perception happens and all starts with the self-observation. Somehow we begin to be more aware of ourselves and to slowly wake up from this dream-like state. Self-analysis gives us the possibility to perceive and understand our own functioning mechanisms – body, soul (mind), spirit. In this painting this self-observation process is represented by the circle with the open eyes.

     Once we become aware of our true nature and we realize that we were identified with this ego system, we stop giving it power and energy. This is because we can now see how destructive it is for us, people around us and the whole environment. This is the point when the seed of change is planted. From now on, we will choose to manifest the virtues, instead of letting the ego to react. We learn to express qualities like humbleness, charity, sexual decency, temperance, patience, diligence, generosity. This virtues are represented in the painting as little colorful mandalas.

    The more deeply you watch this mandala, the more you can see its dynamics and its dance where the Ego crumbles and gets replaced by healthy attitudes. Other symbols show us useful practices in this inner process of becoming aware: meditation, energetic balancing and control, oration and transpersonal experiences. They help us to shift from the ordinary state of consciousness into a trans-ordinary one.


    Be aware!

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