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~ Jewel of Love ~

30 cm diameter, acrylic painting on canvas

   The purpose of this elegant handwork is to stimulate the expression of love, by catching the attention towards its spiral shape and introducing you into a „space” where you can experience Divine bliss and manifest Pure Love.


   The simple presence of this image in a room will emanate the frequencies of Pure Love. This is because the painting follows a pattern also known as The Golden Mean Spiral, or Fibonacci Spiral, which is “essentially the mathematical equation of love”. This spiral unfolds in an unique way, following a particular ratio of 1.618, which is considered to be the most efficient ratio for the energy to move and manifest into matter, creating the reality as we all know today.


   „Love IS the Golden Mean spiral. Love is consciousness spinning waves of Golden Ratios, maintaining harmonic unity in nature and everywhere in between” – Melissa Joy


   In other words, the wave of Love, which follows the Golden Ratio, is basically the only energy that is constructive, that allows The Creation to take place. This is the only ratio that allows the transfer of information having place, without loss of power of geometry (needed in the process of Creation).


   This pattern represents the universal law of nature, where the unfolding of reality happens. It can be seen everywhere around. Flowers follow this pattern, actually the whole nature does, from the smallest particle to the expression of the human body and forward to the Macrocosm. Also our DNA follows the same structure, it is a „universal mechanism for the emergence and expression of form”. Studies have shown that when a person is in a relaxed state, with a receptive attitude of feeling love, the average distance between frequency peaks (heartbeats) recorded is 1.618. This is our true nature!


   Watching this artwork and getting lost in the unfolding dance of mandala-flowers, gets you into a state from where Pure Love can be experienced. Love is sustainable: coherency, congruency and integrity in action. Once you flow on that frequency you start to live an exponential expansion of Consciousness, which comes with clarity, bliss, inner peace and Pure Love. 


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