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~ The Open Eye ~

150 x 200 cm digital art print

A truly open eye sees Creation as it is. It doesn't use judgement, critical analysis or evaluation. It is only a witness to the manifestation and to the whole creation. An open eye is HERE and NOW.

The image of the eye has many elements from sacred geometry, a fundamental science that uses graphic and mathematical symbols in order to describe everything that exists.

In the center of the mandala rises the Seed of Life, a geometric figure that describes Creation and reminds us that everything is united and  interconnected, that we are all formed from the same imprint, the same seed.

Several Fibonacci spirals around the center open as petals of a flower, taking the form of DNA sequences.  They represent The Golden Ratio, which is the natural proportion of growth in nature, for all organisms, from plants to animals and humans. We can find this proportion easily by looking at the human body, which is also created under the Fibonacci sequence. 

The mandala also captures the five basic platonic solids, geometric shapes resulted from the connection of the points of intersection in the Flower of Life (a pattern formed from the Seed of Life). They are considered sacred and are special in geometry because of their shapes: all sides have the same lenght and all angles the same dimension. They describe the basic elements of creation and each one is associated with a primordial element: earth, water, air, fire and ether.

The web of interconnected dots in the background shows the fact that we are all connected and we influence each other permanently. Some of them have different colors in the center, which leads to the concept of uniqueness and diversity. The idea of interdependence and causality can also be seen in the ripple effect of the silhouettes.

The eye sees us, it keeps our attention here and invites us to absorb this moment. The open eye leads to presence and inner clarity.

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