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~ Self-knowledge &
Connection with the Self MANDALA ~

50 cm diameter
acrylic painting on canvas

This mandala illustrates the process of Self-Knowledge and Connection with the Self.

✨ Its structure is inspired by the shape of an 8-ray star, a symbol of the birth of Christ Consciousness, of transcendence.

The symbols in the center, the sacred space of the mandala, describe the aspirations of the soul:

🌳 THE TREE - a universal image of the connection between Cosmos and Earth, between the inner world and the outer world. It represents the human being in a complete, HEALTHY state, where the deepest rooted aspects of himself are acknowledged and connected with his higher self.

🌀 THE SPIRAL in the center represents the cycles of life and refers to the idea of ​​evolution and spiritual ascension.

🦅 THE ANDEAN CONDOR symbolizes FREEDOM and VISION. With his wings wide open, he rises high above the world. He sees the big picture, and the vision he gets is holistic, above the "mental maze."

☀️ The golden SUN also appears in the center. It has the attributions of light and warmth, thus symbolizing CLARITY and LOVE as aspects of evolution.

This mandala is also decorated with symbols and elements from NATURE - the space where we feel at home, loved and accepted as we are. Nature heals our soul and shows us the way to divinity.

🤍 The Edelweiss flower appears as a symbol of PURITY and LOVE.

🕊 The birds represent FREEDOM and ascension to the absolute values ​​of heaven, of being.

🌲 The pine cone is an illustration of the Creation process. Its seeds are arranged in the pattern of the Fibonacci Spiral, the divine proportion of growth that can be found everywhere in nature. In many cultures, the pine cone is associated with the pineal gland and the "third eye" as a symbol of enlightenment and breaking free from the conditioned patterns of the mind.

🕉 There are 4 more powerful and bright symbols: OM (symbol of Creation), CHO KU REI (symbol of Power), ANTAKARANA (symbol of Healing) and SEI HE KI (symbol of Cleansing and Purity). They each have a high vibration and radiate a beneficial energy in the space where the mandala is exposed.

👁 In the process of SELF-KNOWLEDGE there is the idea of the ​​OBSERVER, that witness of the experience of the soul, which is represented by the outer circle of the mandala. It looks like some eyes that open from within the illusion and darkness.

This mandala was created with the intention of reminding us of our true nature and the potential of our soul.

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