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~ Flow State Mandala ~

20x20 cm acrylic painting on canvas

     People always talk about achieving happiness, but better than simply be happy, there is a greater state, also called the mystical flow state. 

   Positive psychology describes the flow state as a state of consciousness, in which you feel your best and you perform your best. Remember that moment when everything seems to be synchronized, without any effort or tension, when all the environment around unfolds in the perfect way. When the surfer catches the perfect wave, when the artist intuitively performs his show, when the train delays for you to arrive and take it.. and so on. All this special moments that feel synchronized without any rational thinking have this qualities:

Selflessness - the self vanishes
Effortlessness - the activity just flows magically
Timelessness - the sense of time dilates and dissipates
Information richness - the feeling of a high resolution download of realization and possibility that seems to emerge from the world around you.

     This state of consciousness is like a High Definition reality in slow motion. This states have always been illusive, like quasi-mystical states of extasis, it feels like you become alive!

“Extasis is now understandable,
Extasis is reproducible,
Flow can be had on tap!
And what the world needs is more people who have come alive!” - Jason Silva

    The purpose of this artwork is to remember us about our true nature, a light state of consciousness where miracles happen instantly!

Artwork inspired by:

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