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~ Realms of Healing ~

50x50 cm acrylic painting on canvas

     This artwork is the first hexagonal mandala from MandalaTales Collection. It is enriched with valuable symbols of Healing. The simple presence of this mandala in a room is very useful because it emanates curative frequencies, due to its symbolistic complexity.

    In the center, the well-known Antahkarana Symbol is an ancient pattern of healing and spiritual ascension. Known as a powerful tool for healing and meditation, it was used by Chinese and Tibetan masters since long time ago. Nowadays it is widely used by Reiki healers in order to help the body to connect with its higher self. The Antahkarana creates an energy that has a direct effect on the energetic field of the body, reaching chakra points in various ways. This attributes make this symbol a powerful and important tool for healing.

     The other six symbols painted in the background are related to the Reiki Healing System. Cho–Ku–Rei, Sei–He-Ki, Hon-Sha-Zee-Show-Nen, Dai-Ko-Mio, Halu and Zonar. They are used for creating a protective space, releasing mental and emotional causes of the problems, sending healing energies over distances, making curative transformations up to the spiritual level, protection at all levels – physical, mental, spiritual, and infinite love, time and ascension!

    On the outer edge of the painting, there are six Lotus flowers representing purity, rebirth and divinity. They surround the inner circle where new life perspectives are waiting for us to be seen. 


     Enjoy the realms of Healing and rediscover your true nature!

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