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A powerful mandala, custom made with love!
☸️ It is like a totem for the one that was created for. It contains valuable information encoded in the painted symbols on the 7 pointed star, generating an energy of Power, Protection and Knowledge.

The mandala was created based on the numerology of a specific date of birth, having the energy of the number 7 as the Life Path . Therefore it can be seen that the mandala has a well-defined structure with seven corners. Straight lines and corners are associated with masculine energy.

From an astrological perspective, the person born in the first part of May is under the Taurus sign. It is a sign associated with the earth element. Thus, in the center of the mandala, the Tree of Life represents this connection to earth (the roots), but it also represents the connection to divinity (the branches). Therefore, this ancient symbol - the Tree of Life - is meant to represent the complete, whole human being, aware of the deepest aspects of his psyche, but also connected to the highest universal aspects. Such a person can become a conscious creator of their own reality and this concept is symbolized by the Flower of Life - the symbol of Creation - which also appears in the center of the mandala.

20 cm diam acrylic painting on canvas

The symbols used on the 7 corners bring a powerful energy to the mandala.

At the top appears the AMARA symbol (from the Amara Omni Healing system), which represents the idea of connection with divinity - necessary in the process of creation. It helps to realize one's own divine nature, but also the grounding aspect of their experience!

In the up-left and up-right corners of the star appear CHO-KU-REI and SE-HEI-KI, two symbols of power and protection in the Reiki Healing system. The first is a symbol of power that "brings power here and now", and the second has as its main function healing on an emotional and mental level.

On the mandala also appears the symbol of the zodiac sign TAURUS, the symbol ANKH - Egyptian symbol representing life and life-death-life cycles; also appears the EYE - symbol of Presence and Knowledge and the UNALOME symbol - a Buddhist or Hindu symbol representing the Path to Freedom.

The symbols of the 7 chakras can also be seen on the outer circle of the mandala. They appear in the idea of symbolizing the seven states of consciousness that man can connect to. The fact that they appear beautifully decorated and arranged symbolizes a conscious and complete person.

This mandala is itself a personal symbol of Power, Protection and Knowledge for the person for whom it was created! Just by watching it, or its mere presence in a room, activates the beneficial energy patterns described above. It is like a portal to a more conscious, harmonious dimension with great potential for conscious creation!

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